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Capture everything, everyone.


Improving Every Detail Gets Us A Step Closer Towards Excellence – Capture Every Detail.

Quick & Capture

Remember Details

Better Follow Up

Xtra Features
  • Scan Badges

    Capture All Leads Stored In One Place

  • Prioritize

    Categorise Your Leads Into ‘Hot, Warm Or Cold’ According To Real Time Contact Outcomes

  • Tagging

    Pre-Set Tags That Categorise - Simple

  • Take Quick Notes

    Jog That Memory With Quick Notes

  • Instant Follow Up

    Start Your ‘At Event’ Follow Up Journey With One Click - Innovative

  • Name Card Recognition

    Scan The Name Card, Give Us 48 Hours and We Will Upload Full Details With 99.9% Accuracy - Reliable

Other Features

Exporting Leads

Export Leads Into Your Inbox With One Click

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Scan Attendee Badge To Capture Their Information


Search Your Contact Leads By Priority, Tags & Event

Seamless Follow-Up

Real Time Follow Up Opportunity

Name Card Recognition

Simply Scan The Business Card & We Will Recognise It & Input All The Fields For You – We Ensure 99.9% Accuracy Through OCR Followed By Human Transcription

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